Así que las encerré en un sótano (ʘ‿ʘ✿)



My muse is not always nice.
My muse can and will kill.

This is in character, and in no way, me against you. 

I will warn you.
I will explain why my muse behaves like that, if it is appropriate to, timing and plot wise.
I will attempt to give you a way out of it.

But I will not change my muse’s character for you. 

If your muse pisses off my muse, and my muse wants to attack and kill yours, there is only so much I can do to ensure that my muse is still in character. If you do not want your muse to die, please discuss with me. 

But if you keep pushing my muse, despite being warned that death is what my muse desires for yours, please face the consequences with no negativity

{ Except that I’m not a god modding asshole and I’m not killing anyone without the Mun’s permission shh }

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Rp partners that send kind messages when you feel down


Rp partners that send kind messages even if you owe them a ton of replies


Rp partners that send kind messages assuring you it’s ok to take your time


Rp partners that are supportive no matter what


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'My dream is but a fal'Cie's fancy now. End it.'


Sigue haciendo demasiado calor para mi gusto y cuando llegue Agosto será mucho peor snifff T-T

En fin, me voy a borradores que se han vuelto a multiplicar por arte de magia XD.

Y me voy.

Cada vez me deprime más entrar aquí …U

Buenas noches.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see who’s apprentice ends up making the most of himself.

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Gosh, aquí la gente reblogueando porno… GRACIAS 8D.

Hola c:

Me quedaré por aquí un ratillo -v-.