Así que las encerré en un sótano (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

I like all the Aoba ships but tbh I’m not a big fan of the most popular one, KouAo. It’s so stereotypical and most people, from what I’ve seen, only ship it cause they feel sorry for Koujaku if he does’t get Aoba. I like Koujaku, and I like Aoba, but KouAo doesn’t sit right with me when its in a romantic light, it seemed better as a friendship.

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If this isn’t the cutest thing ever then i don’t know what is

//Estoy en sesión intensiva de dmmd y hasta que no saque todos los finales, no me detendré. Aviso por si ven que estoy un poco desaparecida de por acá. Tengo los posts pendientes por responder en borradores, so no se preocupen que en cuanto me desahogue con este juego, los responderé :>

//dmmd me está gustando mucho. Demasiado. Llevo HORAS jugando @___@

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Does anybody want to? …wait nobody?

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imageRuby: eh? a que te referías Haruka

mun: Lo responderé One-chan


Haruka: Sabes que te estaba pidiendo un b-… -no se atreve a decirlo (?), aunque no sería la primera vez que lo pide- …No importa, olvídalo.

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Haruka: Uhm… q-quiero un… -se acerca más-


Un pedazo de pastel(?) Lo siento pero me lo he comido todo.

No me refería a eso… -sabe que lo hace adrede-



Ruby: Haruka estas bien? 

Mun: kufufu que divertido es molestar a Ruby


Haruka: Uhm… q-quiero un… -se acerca más-

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Imagina las posibilidades (?)


image hehe~

Sí por favor.

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Just got my copy of Magi 22. Here are the complete final extras with summaries. Pictures were taken by me. No scanner, sorry. 

Sindria extra 1

Ja’far & Sinbad have been working without sleeping (Ja’far 3 days & Sinbad 2 days). Ja’far complains because the summit comes at the busiest time for Sindria. 

They stank each other and decide it’s time to take a bath. Ja’far tells Sinbad to shave his 3-day beard since it’s not beffiting of a king and lowers his impact by 40%.

Sinbad asks if it’s really THAT much lower. 

While they get shaved, Sinbad mentions Kouen’s goatee. He says it looks cool & maybe he should grown a little beard like that (sleep deprivation speaking, I guess). He asks Ja’far what he thinks about it.

Sharrkan mentions Ja’far looks defeated. Ja’far worries they might look weak in front of the Kou delegation and wonders if they should change their looks. He mentions he’s always wanted to try spikey hair like Sharrkan’s (sleep deprivation speaking again-LOL). Sinbad wants to look cooler & “more dandy” than Kouen and younger & cuter than Mu Alexius.

They try different dos until they decide they are perfect and ready to attend the summit (Afro Sinbad & Monster-Horns Ja’far).

Sindria  extra 2

After sleeping for two hours they realize how silly the idea of the new hairstyles was and  try to fix themselves. Sinbad shaves his eyebrow and part of his bangs by mistake. Ja’far has to make real efforts to keep from laughing again while commenting there’s no way the king can go around with just one brow. 

Masrur says he thinks Sinbad looks good even like that and Sinbad thanks him saying he’s a such good guy. Masrur mentions that Sinbad always messes his left side, bangs & all, when he grooms himself half-sleep, anyway. 

Ja’far insists it doesn’t look right for the king to look like that. 

Masrur agrees that only one eyebrow shaven looks a bit weird and then the two sleep deprived brains decide they both should shave both eyebrows to make it even. However, they don’t want to make another mistake due to lack of sleep so they ask Masrur how much sleep has he got and if he thinks it’s a good idea.

Masrur says it is. He’s had 14 hours of good sleep the last night and the night before. 

They trust Masrur ‘s judgement and…

The note at the end says Yamuraiha made their hair grow again

Kou extra

 Mei asks the housholds to be extra careful at the summit since they won’t have their metal vessels with them. Seishu tells him not to worry, that they are assimilated and he has nothing to worry with all 4 of them there. Chuu’un gets mad at Seishu because they forgot to count him . They tell him to assimilate already, but Chu’un protests he hasn’t been using Dantalion for that long. He ends up remembering when Seishu (who’s his same age) was a shorty “just like his younger brother”. Seishu doesn’t appreciate his brother or himself being called “shorty”.

At the Tenzan Plateau, Seishun (the little brother) sneezes. Kouha tells him to take care because nights are cold at the Plateau.